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Redoing my lol

I'm LJ! I also go by Null. I'm a art-maker-fellow lurking around lower Appalachia. I mostly draw creaturefolk and the worlds they live in. I also like zines, tattoos, warm greens, and snails.

You can look-a-roo at my work on my site or by checking the media tap on my profile. :D

happiness is stored in the song played on repeat for the umpteenth time.

I very big much love that I can link to my wonky website in a post and not worry about an algorithm sending it to the shadowrealm lol

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Since clothes hunting is on the horizon for me again: I think I'd find techwear a bit more appealing if there where more natural fibers [sort of goes against the ethos of that style a bit, I know] and if I could find some examples of pieces when they are aged and a little weathered. Personally I try to opt for styles that "grime up good" so I can max out the life of a piece and it still visually "work". Sorta concerned that the sleak look of many techwear pieces won't hold up in that regard.

If your gold paints or inks look sort of lifeless color-wise, add a little red or put down a red base layer. Imo it adds a warmth that looks so much nicer than the sort of weird cold yellow-ish look some gold metallic inks/paints have.

β€œi’m the giant rat that makes all the rules”
seems fair

PeopleMaking.Games has reopened registration applications for folks under the game-making umbrella!

We're building a community of folks who celebrate the craft of creating interactive experiences, whether they're working in games or around them! This is a space for games folks and creatives to call home, to talk about anything and everything, to share together, learn together, and connect in meaningful ways.

#gameDev #indieDev #interactiveMedia

Anyway, I came here to post this, which I will say is done at least for now

#AGatheringStorm #Cairn #NSR

affordable computers for low income folks in US 

PCs For People* is having a sale on all their stock this weekend. desktops starting at $75, laptops starting at $100 (all refurbs). also some accessories and wifi hotspots. for some items you'll need to show proof of low income status (medicaid award letter or similar). make a note of the coupon codes so you can enter them at checkout:

*a non-profit with the mission of getting refurbished computers into the hands of people who otherwise couldn't afford them

Playing around with Affinity Designer+Photo 2 to get my footing. Nothing illustrated, just playing with assets.

Also, here's the original photo of the cat I used here if you want to see the before-and-after lol

Playing around with Affinity Designer+Photo 2 to get my footing. Nothing illustrated, just playing with assets.

Also, here's the original photo of the cat I used here if you want to see the before-and-after lol

Holy moly. This is gonna be a time sink of massive dimensions. Much of the Boston Public Library's vinyl collection digitized on

Lots of stuff you know and lots more you don't.

#music #publiclibrary #vinyl #archiveorg

Something that I do for each of my digital dwellings is set a max number of folks following me on each platform, which sounds weird to some folks when I bring it up. [Everyone wants to be "famous" online right?]
I do this mostly to avoid ending up in that weird situation where folks over-elevate you as someone ""important"" when really you're just a person. Plus having that many eyes distracts me from making stuff I care about.
For this place, I'll probably halt new followers at around 1k?

Oooooooh so THATS why my phone kept going off LOL
Hello everyone! :D

Thinking aloud about TikTok 

--TikTok feels like its on turbo?

I also really dislike how I had to make the process of making my stuff into a marketable spectacle in of itself, bit that's a whole other thing.

This is also an incomplete thought, but its been on the mind little as other trends online have me figuring out how to adapt without loosing my mind in the process lol

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Thinking aloud about TikTok 

I've been trying to articulate what it is about that app that really puts me off [aside from how much of a attention sink it is], and I think it can be boiled down to "this is an advertising space disguised as a social space", and to some degree I think that shows through in the way, at least from what I've seen, some of the even "regular" people assemble their videos and portray themselves there. Granted, Instagram's got the same characteristic imo, but--

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