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Hello! I go by Null or LJ [they/them]. I'm a art marker fellow based out of lower Appalachia. "Professionally" I am a freelance illustrator who primarily works with grassroots orgs in my neck of the woods, small indie projects, and typical everyday ppl with cool personal characters and worlds they entrust me to help bring to life. I'm also studying tattoo when I can. Half of my studio is pretty much a mini booth, cavicide smell and all.

New page in the journal! This time I got you roughly 1000+ words about the little demon that lurks my logo and socials, their history/design evolution, so on.

One of the several private client pieces I took on this month. Fun skull study featured on the art's page. :D

And books closed! Thank you! I'll be getting in touch with folks today. :D

Next openings might be late September/early October? We'll see!

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And one slot for a color-spot headshot/avatar remaining! Everything else will be waitlisted

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2-ish more slots left for two smaller pieces, or for just one bigger piece. :D

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Opening a few slots for commission work while I await my next contract/wait for the folks on my waitlist to get back to me!


And below are some examples of my work. Boosts are appreciated!

My modest little herb garden on the window sill is doing ok! The little grow lamps have been doing a good job from keeping everything from ending up too leggy. Going to have to split up the sages I think though. I hadn't expected the seeds to sprout at all so I ended up over crowding the pot.

Thing I did for @Curator / thing. I mashed together the house and jar. :D

Piece is CC BY-NC 4.0, and you can see the draft and commentary at the piece's link:

My aim isn't to gain a massive following, I'm more or less trying to figure out to, figuratively speaking, visit other neighborhoods to see what life's like there, without having to make new accounts or ditch this more secluded instance I'm calling home if that makes sense?

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So, while I am fond of the slower pace found in this little corner of the fediverse, I do feel a little lost on how to reach out/discover other folks on other instances. Maybe I don't quite understand how to go about federating?

Annnnd got another zine up in the archive: a compilation of tattoo flash done in late 2018! Note the content warnings listed on the page before hitting that download button.

And first page in my journal! Just talking about how my July looked, trans youth fundraiser myself and a local print shop we got going on, and other things.

Revisited a piece from 10 years ago. Draft and bonus illustration on the page, and a link to the old-old piece so you can compare it for yourself!

There's. also probably a more efficient way of creating nearly 300 webpages for each art piece but oh well, I'm already too far in at this point lol OTL

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I spent a great deal of time setting up the oldest part of my gallery archive, and I'm glad that I can look at stuff from 10 years ago without that sort of repulsion I think a lot of us are conditioned to feel about older work.

Its also weird to realize that within that time frame just how much stuff I made. At this rate I'll likely "just" have 300 pieces from 2012-2022, and that is probably not even close to half of everything if you want to include stuff I haven't scanned in.

Getting some new works up in the gallery. Full commentary [i guess?], alt version, and draft on this piece on it's page:

Perhaps a somewhat boring post but! got past my half-year slump, recycled some old soil, and the thyme's starting to sprout. :D This will also be my first time using grow lights, so hoping this will keep them from ending up too leggy.

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