Redoing my lol

I'm LJ! I also go by Null. I'm a art-maker-fellow lurking around lower Appalachia. I mostly draw creaturefolk and the worlds they live in. I also like zines, tattoos, warm greens, and snails.

You can look-a-roo at my work on my site or by checking the media tap on my profile. :D

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Note: My work is made with an older audience in mind. Mature content [gore, nudity, so on] is CW'd. For a more general audience gallery, refer to my Instagram. :]

Want me to make you something? I open my books for commissions every so often, and am interested in being hired on for bigger projects. Contact me directly for my availability!

And a bit of my experience on the Fediverse: I actually first joined back in 2017, but dropped off a year or two later. I rejoined in the summer once I learned that hosting services were an option and wanted to find/rediscover spaces beyond corporate run social media. And thus here we are. :D

@tombofnull Hi, welcome to the #fediverse from the German #ttrpg side of it. For our #fantasy #worldbuilding we're always looking for #FediArt artists who let us use showcases of their art under a #creativecommons license. But I'm not commenting to ask for that - I'm commenting because for a brief moment I misread your #intoduction as "I'm on LJ" and thozught: "Cool, someone who started out on #LiveJournal back then as well. πŸ˜ƒ Sorry. πŸ™‚

@projektmyra Hello/hallo! That's so cool!

That's awesome! I do have this piece under CC BY-NC 4.0 if that be of interest to you

And LOL! No worries! :D

@tombofnull Great! I'm starting to thjink of a unique magical artefact, the jar of... oh well, just wait. :-) Thanks!

@tombofnull your style is marvelous! full narrative vibe

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