I think I might look for an instance just to set up a back up account in the [unlikely] event my host goes offline temporarily, especially with the influx of new users. Tbh I'd only just use that account in that specific situation, as this space is my primary [gotta justify the $16 I pay to have this up each month LOL!]

Anyone cool with having me set up my back up account on their instance? Preferably an art/creative oriented instance, though I'm open to things adjacent to that.

@Curator was my main place back in 2017 under my now deprecated handle, but I imagine they are stuffed to the brim with users as is with this twitter influx

@Curator yes please! I'll set up my back up account over there when I wake up then, thank you! :D

@Curator do you need my email or do you feel this is ok to send over "private" message?

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