Thinking aloud about TikTok 

I've been trying to articulate what it is about that app that really puts me off [aside from how much of a attention sink it is], and I think it can be boiled down to "this is an advertising space disguised as a social space", and to some degree I think that shows through in the way, at least from what I've seen, some of the even "regular" people assemble their videos and portray themselves there. Granted, Instagram's got the same characteristic imo, but--


Thinking aloud about TikTok 

--TikTok feels like its on turbo?

I also really dislike how I had to make the process of making my stuff into a marketable spectacle in of itself, bit that's a whole other thing.

This is also an incomplete thought, but its been on the mind little as other trends online have me figuring out how to adapt without loosing my mind in the process lol

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