Something that I do for each of my digital dwellings is set a max number of folks following me on each platform, which sounds weird to some folks when I bring it up. [Everyone wants to be "famous" online right?]
I do this mostly to avoid ending up in that weird situation where folks over-elevate you as someone ""important"" when really you're just a person. Plus having that many eyes distracts me from making stuff I care about.
For this place, I'll probably halt new followers at around 1k?

@tombofnull if you feel the need to, just do so. :) i'd let it go where it wants to and try not to care about it :D Plus it'd be a bit sad for people who just didn't find you fast enough

@tombofnull I like your reasoning! I try to do the same and prune my followers from time to time, masto has a tool to check who is active or not amongst your followers and who is interacting with your posts

@tombofnull I've never heard of limiting your follower count being a feature on social media? Do you manually prune your followers list?

@doomer_jesus i just set an account to private to stop new followers, though I also occasionally do a sweep of current followers in case a bot slipped by :] Most of the platforms im on, with the exception of Tumblr I think, usually have that option.

@tombofnull Doesn’t sound weird to me, but it must make it harder to sell art. Do you have non social media channels to put your work on, or have things mostly worked themselves out around your more community focused online presence?

Use hurry and follow! What if he reaches 1k followers before I finish this sentence! Oh, to be left out in the void! what will become of me….m u s t f o l…l o……w

@jancampbellcady aww thank you!!! :D also, happy soon-to-come retirement!

Thanks, but I’m only retiring because my hearing is a wee bit off. I love my job, agent for filming locations, but need to go before I say “what” a million more times. Have to pick and train my replacement though, so I’ll be at it for another 6 months or so.

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