Playing around with Affinity Designer+Photo 2 to get my footing. Nothing illustrated, just playing with assets.

Also, here's the original photo of the cat I used here if you want to see the before-and-after lol

Bug Art 

Fan art? Indeed! Did a digital paint of the main character from the animated project @humansbgone

In addition, this piece is under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. :]

Art page with hi-res download:

[ }

Not a fox! You can guess what animal this character is based on, and then see if you got it right by checking the art's page. :D [Or hovering over the image here lol]

Client piece.

Art page:

[ ]

A work-in-progress shot of a wolpertinger character for a client. : D

[ ]

A bit ago I uploaded a digital version of a small zine I made a few years ago to my archive: a collection of illustrations based on various dreamscapes. I'm still fond of it. :D

You can find it here as a [free] PDF:

[ ]

An avatar/headshot portrait for @noracodes :D

Drafts, the "sibling" to the piece featured here, and more on this work's art page:

[ ]

Personal character of mine sporting garb more fitting to a region of their world where the land is a maze of ancient forests, caves, and ruins of civilizations long passed.

Additional drafts and commentary featured on the art's gallery page!

[ ]

A redraw of a piece I did a decade ago, back when I was teaching myself how to paint digitally. It's cool that I've been doing this long enough to be able to do a decade-later re-draw lol

WIP shots, link to the old piece, and bonus stuff on this work's gallery page :D

[ ]

Redoing my lol

I'm LJ! I also go by Null. I'm a art-maker-fellow lurking around lower Appalachia. I mostly draw creaturefolk and the worlds they live in. I also like zines, tattoos, warm greens, and snails.

You can look-a-roo at my work on my site or by checking the media tap on my profile. :D


Some horror-ish stuff for the season. Client work. 😎

As always, extras can be found on the art's page:

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