Getting close to finishing up this full sleeve I'm designing for a client :D

CW: Fantsy Gore/Violence 

Finally, finished this illustration/pseudo-comic-poem thing. On cycles of harm and forming solidarity.
Full piece and draft found in the link below!

Work is under CC BY-NC 4.0

Trying to design an entity, looming, ancient, and decayed, forcefully ripped away from eternal slumber.

I don't think this warrants a CW but hey if I'm wrong let me know.

Additional commentary [I go on about mammoth mummies and fruit] and a bonus first-pass of this being found on the art's page.

Thing I did for @Curator / thing. I mashed together the house and jar. :D

Piece is CC BY-NC 4.0, and you can see the draft and commentary at the piece's link:

Getting some new works up in the gallery. Full commentary [i guess?], alt version, and draft on this piece on it's page:

A little piece from late 2021/early 2022. I created a small assortment of illustrations for a tattoo aftercare pamphlet. Obviously don't tattoo cats, this character is just there to remind you to keep your new ink clean.

Client work from earlier this year. The family who had me make this for them owned an older piece by me, and wanted an illustration that would act as a companion piece.


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