--fundamental need met ie food+water, body movement, medication, socialization, proper rest, so on. So checking in on those needs are worth doing in general, not just for art blocks.

This stuff is not a one-size-fits-all fix for every situation, just a couple of things that help me personally. [Also yes I am having a mini-block right now, which will likely fade in a few days lol]


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--and plentiful and allow myself to take my time a little during that session. Absolute worse case, I ask my client if they would be fine with giving me another week so I can make sure I can deliver them something of quality, or if I felt a block coming on prior to accepting the project, I'll give a slightly longer turn-around time to account for that.

Its also worth acknowledge that sometimes these blocks come about due to needing to have a more--


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On Creative/Art Blocks

One of the biggest things that have helped with managing an art block has been accepting that the creative process, *at least for me*, comes in ebbs and flows, and prepare accordingly.

For personal work, that means taking a break and build back up energy by engaging with other interests so that I've got fresh ideas when I'm ready to put pen to paper [or screen] again.

For client work, that means having my references ready and--


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A peek at some client work I'm still working on, this time working with paints instead of my usual digital tool set.

Getting back on top of my to-do after a week of being ill for seemingly no reason.
Here's a peek at a piece I finally wrapped up, centered around breaking cycles of harm, facilitating healing, forging better tools for conflict resolution, and forming meaningful solidarity. Topics I've been chewing on a lot over the past several months.

Full piece to be posted once I got several other things done, and when I am satisfied with the formatting lol.

And here's what I spent my sunday afternoon on. First one is what I managed to put together after trying to learn about flexbox and css grids, and the other's just my mock-up to get a general idea as to what I kinda want the revamped site to look like. Its sort of responsive? but I still have much left to hammer out


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